Thursday, July 7, 2011

Castrol Installs FOUNDATION Fieldbus on Tank Farm, Achieves 2 Day Startup

We at the Fieldbus Foundation consistently point out the reduced commissioning costs, engineering costs, and startup times you can achieve with FOUNDATION technology, and it's nice to see the results being reported in the real world.  Emerson Process Management recently posted this success story from Castrol NV in Antwerp, Belgium, where Castrol installed a DeltaV process automation system with FOUNDATION instruments.  Castrol reported a 60 percent reduction in commissioning time.  Because of the advanced diagnostics capabilities of the fieldbus devices, Castrol was able to reduce the overall number of field devices at each metering station.  Many tank farms today are faced with legacy control system issues, and still more are not very highly automated, or employ some combination of manual and automated approaches.  FOUNDATION Technology makes an excellent solution for these applications. 

DeltaV System, FOUNDATION Fieldbus Meets Product Measurement, Movement Challenges for Castrol NV Belgium

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