Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Upcoming Webcast: Fieldbus for Modernization Projects

Control system migration and modernization projects continue to drive the industry.  In fact, greenfield projects only account for about a third of the overall DCS market.  ARC Advisory Group estimated that the installed base of process automation systems reaching the end of their useful life and in need of replacement to be $65 billion worldwide. 

We are seeing more and more FOUNDATION fieldbus technology working its way into the growing number of modernization projects.  FOUNDATION fieldbus is more applicable to migration projects than you might think.  Yes, you will have to make the additional investment in fieldbus devices, which in many cases are not part of the scope of an overall migration project.  In many applications, however, the operational cost benefits can easily justify the investment. 

Our upcoming webcast with Control Engineering will feature Mike Miller of Sargent and Lundy, who implemented FOUNDATION technology to modernize several units, all of them in nuclear power applications.  Mike's experience is a great example of how you can modernize with FOUNDATION fieldbus,to achieve greater process integrity and improved performance.   Register here to attend the webcast on Tuesday, October 18th at 2 PM Eastern time

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