Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Article on Fieldbuses by James Powell of Siemens

Like many of my colleagues that work for supplier companies, James Powell of Siemens is in a position where he must provide support for multiple fieldbus protocols, including FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus PA, and HART.  In this article from Plant Engineering, James tackles the topic of competing fieldbuses extremely well. Being the marketing manager for Fieldbus Foundation means that I am competing against HART and Profibus to a degree, but there are many instances where we must work together.  If you go into any plant today, you won't see any single network as dominant.  Most likely you will see some FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, some HART devices, some Profibus devices, wireless devices, etc.  Cooperation is a good thing, but competition can also make our offerings stronger in the end.

Plant Engineering Article by James Powell of Siemens: Selecting an Open Digital Protocol


  1. I agree, Larry, competition makes us stronger. Yet we can cooperate to the users’ benefit in areas like FDI and connecting both FF and PROFIBUS & PROFINET to WirelessHART. And we can agree that users should be using a fieldbus although we may differ slightly as to which fieldbus they should use. :-)

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