Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Endress+Hauser Installs FOUNDATION Fieldbus System on Water Treatment Plant

Did you know that Endress+Hauser has a control system that is also a FOUNDATION fieldbus host system?  The ControlCare Field Control System also sports an HSE linking device, and the system was recently installed at a chemical plant in Italy. You can read the article at here EngineerLive.

From the article:
"La Vichimica, located in Novara, Northern Italy, specialises in the reprocessing of solvents from different process industries, notably pharmaceuticals. During reprocessing, these solvents are separated from dangerous by-products.
Every day, tankers carrying contaminated solvents arrive at the works. The contents of the tankers are transferred into the storage tanks for the columns. At the start of the process the solvent is slowly heated. In the subsequent re-circulation phase, the solvent vapour is continually pumped through the columns until the required degree of purity is attained. 
The program's configuration, which is implemented in both field controller and devices such as the valves, control the process. After completion of the process, the purified solvent can be reused and the residues are sent for disposal. The two columns that are controlled by ControlCare can be connected together to form a super-column, increasing the range of applications for which the product can be used."

As you can see from the article, the system also utilizes control in the field capabilities.  

Endress+Hauser ControlCare System Brings Fieldbus to Italian Chemical Plant

Endress+Hauser ControlCare Field Control System

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