Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Broadley-James Uses FOUNDATION Fieldbus on their Bioreactor Control Systems

There is an excellent post by Emerson Process Experts blogger Jim Cahill on the use of FOUNDATION fieldbus in life sciences applications.  In this case an end user applied the technology to Broadley-James Bionet bioreactor control systems. It's not something we discuss enough in the fieldbus community, but we have a huge installed base in the life sciences industry. Many aspects of FOUNDATION fieldbus make the technology a great fit for batch and hybrid applications in the regulated industries.

From the post:
"Automation is not something within the normal realm of biochemists in the lab environment. The palettes of tools within the DeltaV system around control and information is something that streamlined the prior workflow. This was especially the case around trending and historical data reporting.
The Broadley-James Bionet bioreactor control system is based on a DeltaV controller. The vessels are instrumented with sensors and actuators communicating via Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet digital communications technology."
 DeltaV on Laboratory Bioreactors

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  1. Here is a link to a whitepaper on this very topic