Monday, July 16, 2012

Emerson Provides FOUNDATION Fieldbus for Jubilant Life Sciences Plants in Gujarat

Emerson Process Management has announced a major FOUNDATION fieldbus win for the Life Sciences industry in India. We have blogged here before about the value of FOUNDATION fieldbus in life sciences application, especially when it comes to things like traceability and validation. The ability of fieldbus devices to store information about themsleves and the process in a way that is digtally time stamped and managed in a block structure can be a huge benefit. 

From the news release:
"The flexibility and ease of use of the DeltaV system meets the complex production needs of Jubilant, making it ideal for the company’s critical pharmaceutical processes. The three DeltaV systems communicate with numerous field devices using FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology.
Emerson’s AMS Suite software was used during installation of measurement and control devices to help reduce costs and improve device startup efficiency. Jubilant Life Sciences will use the software’s predictive maintenance capabilities on an ongoing basis to further increase the availability and performance of the plant."
Business Wire India Article: Emerson Provides State-of-the-Art Process Automation Technologies for Jubilant Life Sciences Plants in Gujarat

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