Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Presentations from ROM Demonstration at Petrobras

It has been a busy few weeks of travel and quite productive.  On April 30 we conducted our first successful field demonstration of FOUNDATION for ROM technology at the Petrobras Cenpes research facility in Rio.  We will be doing a full report on the demo and the media day event that surrounded it, but first we have uploaded the full set of presentations from the event.They are the four most recent slide sets added to the account.  Here is an overview of the CENPES pilot plant by Renato Ogeda, equipment engineer  at Petrobras:

Just click the six latest uploaded presentations in our Slideshare account to see the rest of the materials from the demo, including Miguel Borges' of Petrobras presentation on the anticipated benefits of FOUNDATION for ROM and their experience with the demo.  Libanio De Souza from SMAR also gave a very good presentation on the association block technology that makes ROM possible, and Edgar Hoffman of Petrobras delivered an excellent presentation on the benefits of the ROM wireless backhaul technology.

Fieldbus Foundation Slideshare Account

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