Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Careers, and Projects

More and more employers in the process automation business are looking for people with experience in FOUNDATION technology. is a Canadian job search engine.  When you type Foundation Fieldbus into their search bar, you uncover a significant number of positons, most of them available in Calgary or Fort McMurray.  Positions range from instrumentation technicians and engineers to project engineers, account managers, and many others.  All are looking for people with experience in FOUNDATION Fieldbus.  This is also an indicator of the revived fieldbus projects business, which went into recession along with the entire process automation business in 2009. 

Even more encouraging is the fact that the recovery is spurring modernization efforts that were delayed by many of the major end users in North America and Western Europe.  We are starting to see large end users including a significant amount of FOUNDATION Fieldbus content in their migration project, such as this recent success story by Maverick Technologies and their work with a major US refiner.

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