Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maverick Technologies Modernizes Major US Refinery with FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Independent systems integrator Maverick Technologies has recently released a case study for a project they did with a major US refiner that involved a significant amount of FOUNDATION Fieldbus content, including approximately 1,000 devices and 500 digital positioners.  This is significant for a several reasons.  There is a huge amount of ageing legacy process automation systems installed around the world that are reaching the end of their useful life.  End users faced with a modernization project are faced with a choice -- do they replace the existing system with a new system that relies on the same conventional approaches and architectures, or do they consider moving their automation strategy forward for the next century?  This also shows that FOUNDATION Technology can be successfully adapted to existing process plants.  Maverick filled the roel of Main Automation Contractor on the project as well, which underscores the importance of picking the right engineering partner for your fieldbus application.

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