Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New YouTube Videos Uploaded

We have uploaded a couple of videos to our YouTube channel that we have mentioned previously on the Fieldus Foundation blog.  Both of these videos were expertly shot by our friend Peter Welander over at Control Engineering magazine/CFE Media.  First is the Control in the Field split screen Skype interview with Andy Clegg of Scotland-based Andy Industrial Systems and Control -- an automation consulting company in Glasgow, Scotland. ISC has done quite a lot of research on the performance of control in the field using FOUNDATION fieldbus versus the performance of control done in the controller. In this video Andy shares some of the results of their research along with their future plans.

Secondly, we have a video of Larry O'Brien of Fieldbus Foundation giving a brief guided tour of our FOUNDATION for ROM demo unit at the media day held at Lee College. You can see the various WirelessHART and ISA 100.11a devices integrated with FOUNDATION for ROM devices, including controllers and remote I/O from Smar, APAT, and Stahl.

We have more YouTube on the way in the form of videos shot at our seminars last year. 

Split Screen Skype Interview with Peter Welander of Control Engineering and Andy Clegg of ISC

FOUNDATION for ROM Demo Unit Guided Tour with Larry O'Brien

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