Friday, January 13, 2012

Softing First to Qualify Under FOUNDATION DSP Program

Softing Industrial Automation GmbH, an independent and global provider of hardware and software for industrial automation and automotive electronics, is the first company to qualify under the Fieldbus Foundation’s FOUNDATION Development Services Provider (DSP) program. This program helps automation vendors get started with FOUNDATION product development by making it faster—and easier—to bring fieldbus equipment to market.

The Fieldbus Foundation launched the FOUNDATION DSP program to assist automation equipment suppliers preparing to design and manufacture products using FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. The program offers access to qualified development services providers with the know-how to make fieldbus solutions a reality. Qualified DSP participants have been evaluated to ensure they have the tools, training, and experience necessary to support a wide range of FOUNDATION fieldbus development projects. Services that can be qualified in the FOUNDATION DSP program include H1 and High Speed Ethernet fieldbus device development services, as well as host system services.

“A growing number of Fieldbus Foundation members want to enter the expanding FOUNDATION fieldbus technology market,” said Stephen Mitschke, Fieldbus Foundation Manager-Fieldbus Products. “However, some organizations may view fieldbus device development as a daunting task when they have little experience or knowledge of digital bus technology. Due to limited resources, they may be required to outsource a portion of the development process. This is where the FOUNDATION DSP solution steps in. From small developers looking for assistance on a few key components, to multi-million dollar companies seeking a partner to develop an entire FOUNDATION-ready device, FOUNDATION DSP can help streamline product R&D. Best of all, the program can ensure a strong ROI by reducing staffed man-hours and maximizing the efficiency of product development,” added Mitschke.

Dr. Ernst Flemming, business development manager, Softing Industrial Automation GmbH, noted that, “For Softing, as the leading provider of fieldbus-enabled products, it is key to be known to manufacturers who are interested in utilizing FOUNDATION technology. The Fieldbus Foundation’s development services provider program is an excellent platform to increase our visibility in this market. The stringent rules that apply to the program ensure that only high-quality technology providers participate in the program. We very much appreciate the recognition at such a high quality level and look forward to seeing the first results shortly.”
FOUNDATION DSP program participants and their development tools/services are featured in a special section of the Fieldbus Foundation’s website. Participants are also authorized to display the official FOUNDATION DSP logo in their marketing materials.

To learn more about the FOUNDATION DSP program, visit the Fieldbus Foundation website, or email Fieldbus Foundation Member Services with your inquiry.

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