Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Fieldbus Valves for Shanghai SECCO

Shanghai SECCO, which is one of the larger FOUNDATION fieldbus installations on the planet, has ordered even more FOUNDATION fieldbus control valves, according to a recent press release by Emerson Process Management. From the press release:
"SECCO is the largest integrated chemical facility in China. The complex includes a naptha-fed ethylene cracker and ten downstream derivative plants with thousands of control valves of different brands, types and sizes. Temperature fluctuations in the process caused high variability in the end product which, combined with vibration of the pipeline, often led to damage and replacement of the positioners on these valves.  After SECCO engineers and Fisher valve specialists from Emerson discussed ways to address this problem, SECCO decided to replace the facility’s positioners with Emerson’s Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200f digital valve positioner."
You can read the entire press release here.  SECCO predicts the new valve order will save them $40,000 a year in maintenance costs, in addition to what they are saving already with their many fieldbus devices.

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