Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process Automation System Registered as FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host

In conjunction with Rockwell Process Solution User Group meeting and Automation Fair, we are happy to announce that the company is the latest process automation system supplier to announce that its PlantPAx process automation system is now registered as a FOUNDATION Fieldbus integrated host system. The PlantPAx system passed tests for the “61b” integrated host profile, the Fieldbus Foundation’s latest and most demanding host profile.

“This distinction further solidifies the status of Rockwell Automation as a leader in FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology,” said Steve Pulsifer, director of Process Market Development, Rockwell Automation. “Meeting the Fieldbus Foundation’s interoperability standards demonstrates the ability of the PlantPAx process automation system to help manufacturers address production issues with real-time, plantwide intelligence.”

Within the Fieldbus Foundation's automation infrastructure, interoperability is possible because devices and software must all conform to the same standard and they are tested and registered to that standard. Products bearing the FOUNDATION Product Registration symbol have undergone a series of common tests administered by the Fieldbus Foundation. End users can select the best device for a specific measurement or control task, regardless of the manufacturer.  

The 61b hosts also support advanced diagnostic functions, such as NAMUR NE 107 recommendations for presenting diagnostic data in a standard format. Using the NE 107 recommendations for field diagnostics, the Fieldbus Foundation developed a profile specification enhancing the organization, integration and presentation of device diagnostics within fieldbus systems. The diagnostic profile includes a standard and open interface for reporting all device alarm conditions, and provides a means of categorizing alert conditions by severity. 

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