Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Backhaul Architecture for Secure Connectivity

The latest issue of InTech has a good article on the new ISA technical report, developed in collaboration with the Fieldbus Foundation (FF), which "provides a common framework enabling multiple industrial communication protocols to run over a shared wireless backhaul network in process automation systems."

From the article:
"ISA100 Working Group 15, Wireless Backhaul Networks, was established to develop standards and technical reports to address one or more dedicated or shared wireless backhaul(s) to support technologies running multiple applications. A common interest arose when FF end-user members identified the wireless backhaul as critical in supporting implementation of FF’s wireless high-speed Ethernet (HSE) backhaul included in Foundation for remote operations management (ROM) technology."
The automation business needs an effective model for backhaul networks that incorporates security.  Much of the SCADA infrastructure out there has serious security issues and is a primary target for malicious attacks.  Fieldbus Foundaton is happy to be working cooperatively with ISA to develop this important specification and make it part of our FOUNDATION for ROM specification.

You can read the entire article here:

Backhaul architecture model for secured connectivity over untrusted or trusted networks

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