Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emerson Updates Segment Design Tool

Jim Cahill's Emerson Process Experts blog has been overflowing with fieldbus related posts recently.  First of these is the update of Emerson's segment design tool.  The segment is the basic building block of FOUNDATION fieldbus.  All devices are dropped off a segment, and that segment can have different design parameters depending on the length, number of devices dropped of the segment, and so on.  Segment design tools can greatly reduce the amount of time required to design a segment and they make sure that you avoid some common physical layer mistakes.

From the blog post:
"This release, version 5.3.0, has added support for the Windows 7 operating system, support for both simplex and redundant H1 cards of S series with Integrated Power Supply, and numerous field devices from a variety of manufacturers. The Segment Design Tool is compatible with the Windows 2000 / XP / Windows 7 operating systems, but none of the Windows Server platforms."
Read more here:

Emerson Updates FOUNDATION Fieldbus Segment Design Tool

Also, here is a blatant plug for our own free segment design tool at the Fieldbus Foundation, called DesignMate!

    zip  DesignMATE

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  1. Larry, Thanks for the shoutout! It's amazing how opportunities come in waves. Last week seemed to be Foundation Fieldbus week at the Emerson Process Experts blog.

    Take it easy, Jim