Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New White Paper on Realizing Lifecycle Cost Benefits of Fieldbus

Fieldbus has some pretty powerful lifecycle cost benefits.  Significant cost reductions can be realized throughout the plant lifecycle, from engineering and design to operations and maintenance.  More importantly, fieldbus is a great way to manage risk.  At the Foundation we have numerous case studies of plant shutdowns and failures that have been avoided because of the diagnostic capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus and our ability to do control in the field device or actuator/positioner.

Our latest white paper explains some of the more advanced functions of FOUNDATION fieldbus and how they can translate to dollars for your business.  As a way to illustrate how these benefits can be achieved we examine some of the more advanced application and service offerings from Yokogawa, which is one of the largest FOUNDATION fieldbus suppliers and supporters.  Much of what we discuss, however, is available from a wide range of FOUNDATION fieldbus suppliers and all their registered hosts and products can be found on our web site.

Some of the topics we discuss include integrated plant asset management systems, device management applications, bulk downloading capabilities, how fieldbus engineering and design can actually save you money, and more.  

Reducing Lifecycle Costs with the Power of Fieldbus

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