Tuesday, September 10, 2013

STC Brielle: Our Certified Trainer for EMEA

I have written here before before about our FOUNDATION Certified Training Program (FCTP), and it's time to highlight our certified partner for training in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa -- STC Brielle.  I was recently in Amsterdam and had some time to take a trip to Rotterdam to see the STC campus, which is right in the port of Rotterdam.  In Rotterdam, the focus of STC is primarily on shipboard operations and training for crane and gantry operators and other technical training related to the maritime, shipping, and transportation industries.

STC Brielle Portable Training Kit

View from the Control Room of the Pilot Plant

We then took a drive over to the Brielle campus, which is where the process automation training is done.  Brielle also serves as the location of the pilot plant, which is comprised of many different units and incorporates a huge amount of FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, as well as devices compatible with other protocols. STC Brielle also has portable training kits for on site training. Fieldbus training courses are for end users, design engineers, electrical engineers and operators, and cater to specific skill and knowledge levels. The Foundation Fieldbus training courses can be combined with elements of the process control and automation courses.

Pilot Plant
The Port of Rotterdam area is very important to the Fieldbus Foundation.  Some of our most high profile installations are there, including the Shell Pernis refinery and Shin Etsu refining, which avoided at least two unplanned shutdowns because of their use of FOUNDATION fieldbus control in the field capabilities.

You can link to the STC Brielle Section of our FCTP web site here for more information.

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