Tuesday, August 20, 2013

YouTube Presentation from Vietnam Seminar

Here is an interesting YouTube video of a presentation by Pham Duc Hai of Emerson Process Management at our seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We also have some pictures and a report from the seminar forthcoming.  Thanks to all who organized and participated in the seminar!

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  1. The slides with speaker notes can be found here:

    Salute to Fieldbus Foundation for providing backwards compatability between old and new versions of devices without having to obtain new DD files. This was a problem in the past, now solved. It makes fieldbus systems easier to run & maintain. The 'device-level' access for EDDL is also great so we don't have to click multiple blocks to find the overall status: device health, sensor health, and communication health all on the same page is great. Same goes for configuraion settings. Sensetional that it is also conformance tested for systems in HPR61b. I also like yoi only have to 'download once'.

    All the presentations can be found here
    Hai's presentation is #5

    Jonas Berge