Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Emerson AMS now Offers Predictive Diagnostics for All Control Systems

Emerson Process Management has announced that it has tested and successfully integrated Softing's Linking Device and Gateway FG-110-FF,with the Emerson AMS Suite predictive maintenance software application. This basically means that AMS can be added to any FOUNDATION fieldbus network regardless of host.  You can read the entire press release here. 

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  1. This could be used as a solution for package unit integration. FF H1 devices on the package unit integrate real-time control signals with the controller on the package unit, yet at the same time using FF-HSE from the gateway all the diagnostics and other information in the fieldbus devices is integrated with the intelligent device management (IDM) software part of the asset management system. That is, all devices in the main plant as well as on package units can be managed from the same software.

    Jonas Berge