Monday, April 16, 2012

Calgary Seminar Coming Soon

Our first North American end user seminar will be held May 23rd at the TELUS Convention Center in Calgary.

Our end user seminars are geared toward taking the mystery out of FOUNDATION fieldbus and making end users and systems integrators realize the true lifecycle benefits of the technology. Whether you are a new user contemplating your first fieldbus project, an experienced user trying to get the most out of your installation, or a systems integrator that wants to implement fieldbus successfully, these seminars are designed for you. The best part is that through the support of our many sponsors, we are able to hold these seminars at no charge.

TELUS Convention Center in Calgary

Western Canada remains one of the most crucial markets for FOUNDATION fieldbus, with a large number of projects in a wide range of industries from oil sands to water and wastewater. This is a free seminar and it features some of the leading experts in FOUNDATION fieldbus. Come join us in Calgary!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Take our New Fieldbus Survey

The Fieldbus Foundation and ARC are conducting a survey on process fieldbus selection criteria, installation, and challenges associated with the implementation and operational phase of the technology. While we are interested in who is installing fieldbus and why, we also want to improve fieldbus technology and the user experience. The results of this survey will be used to improve fieldbus technology and services for the end user. All who respond to this survey will receive a consolidated copy of the results. Thanks for taking our survey!

ARC/Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Survey

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Video on Field Wiring

We have uploaded a new instructional wiring video for H1 cable installation, starring our marketing specialist Talon Petty. Many end users tell us that when they do have an issue with fieldbus technology in the field, it is usually related to improper implementation of the physical layer. Importance of the physical layer should not be underestimated, and doing your wiring right the first time can save a lot of headaches down the road. The video demonstrates the proper techniques for cutting, stripping, crimping and heat shrinking fieldbus cable for professional process automation installations for field devices. While each region has different specifications and/or procedures, we’ve set up a very common example based on US standard specifications. The video addresses cable preparation for connecting to a field device.  The procedure varies slightly for connecting to device couplers or controllers, but again grounding techniques vary by region. We hope you find the video informative and look forward to your comments.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Videos Uploaded to Our YouTube Channel

We just uploaded three new videos to our YouTube channel and we have some more on the way.  First we uploaded a two part series of lectures (parts 3 and 4 forthcoming) by Dave Lancaster, formerly of Bechtel and now a certified FOUNDATION Certified Training Program instructor.  These videos were taken at the Beaumont, Texas end user seminar in 2011.  Dave talks about some of the key elements of success for implementing FOUNDATION technology from the Physical layer perspective.

Dave Lancaster Physical Layer Video Part I
Dave Lancaster Physical Layer Video Part II

We've also uploaded some video footage from our 2012 General Assembly in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  You can really see how full the room was in this video, and our many sponsors that helped make the event possible.  Coming soon: a video from our marketing specialist Talon Petty on FOUNDATION fieldbus wiring best practices.

General Assembly Video

Last Call for Developer Training in Frankfurt

We will be conducting developer training courses in Frankfurt, Germany at  BIS Prozesstechnik GmbH in May and the deadline for registration is approaching faster than a control loop executed in the field!  Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Course will be held May 8th.  Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus will be held May 9-11th.  If you are considering developing a FOUNDATION fieldbus product or simply need to train new developers for your existing solutions, you should attend these courses.  Registration deadline is April 17th for the Introduction course and April 18th for Advanced Principles.  You can download the full PDF with all the information you need about this year's developer courses here.  Hope to see you in Frankfurt!

Fieldbus Works Better When You Use Control in the Field

Recently there was a discussion on our Fieldbus User Network about control in the field.  A user was wondering if they had to reduce the number of devices on a segment if they are using control in the field.  The user's impression was that control in the field would increase overall network traffic and affect latency times, so the number of devices on a segment would have to be reduced.  Actually, this is untrue.  As you can see in the thread, fieldbus works better when you implement control in the field.  "Your macrocycle will be less constrained and your PID will work better."

Fieldbus User Network Discussion on Control in the Field

Monday, April 2, 2012

Come See us at Hanover Fair in the Field Communication Lounge

The Fieldbus Foundation joins the FDT Group, HART Communication Foundation, PI (Profibus and Profibus International) and the OPC Foundation, to host the second co-sponsored Field Communication Lounge in Hall 9, Booth D05, at this year's Hannover Fair, Germany, from 23-27 April, 2012.

With its theme, “Bringing Field Communications together for YOU,” the aim of the Field Communication Lounge is to create a single area for visitors to see and experience the latest in field communication technologies and discuss how these technologies work together to deliver powerful results to improve plant operations, performance and a company’s profitability. The Lounge’s combined exhibit concept better aligns with the way in which users often integrate field communication technologies at their own facilities. Visitors to the fair will have a central location to discuss and compare the leading automation communication protocols - their advantages, their applications, their integration, and how they can work together.

One key feature of the 570m² Field Communication Lounge is the common display area in which the organizations will exhibit their individual process and factory automation communication technologies in dedicated technology kiosks.

The Fieldbus Foundation will use its technology kiosk to conduct live technology demonstrations using its multi-vendor systems to show the benefits of the technology across the plant lifecycle. The demonstration systems consist of several live Foundation fieldbus segments, featuring three DCS systems and numerous field devices and physical layer components. The fully functional set-up allows the demonstration of all situations which may occur during the installation, commissioning and operation of a real process plant. Diagnostics according to NAMUR recommendation NE107; Control in the Field (CIF), and performance under extreme conditions will be simulated; and the new DesignMate software planning and implementation tool will be utilized.

In addition to the five technology displays, member companies of each association have the opportunity to be featured on purpose-built company kiosks to present practical field communications solutions including field devices, configuration, control and asset management applications, wireless technology, integration products, and other solutions that deliver value and benefits to the enterprise today and in the future.

The Field Communication Lounge also features a common presentation forum in which experts from the five organizations will present the latest field device communication technology solutions during a series of 30-minute technical and educational presentations to be held daily from 10.30-16.00.

Thomas Kasten, chairman – Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee, is looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Field Communication Lounge. “This collaborative concept by leading technology organizations was first introduced at the 2011 Hannover Fair. We received so much positive feedback from show visitors that it was clear that we would adopt the Field Communication Lounge concept again for the major shows in Germany during 2012 – and this year we welcome the addition of OPC Foundation to the group”. He continued, “At the Field Communication Lounge, so many well known suppliers of advanced plant communications technology are just a few steps apart so that with just a short stand-tour, visitors can gain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments, make comparisons and discuss integrated solutions with the experts on hand.”

Fieldbus Foundation members participating in the Field Communication Lounge include: ABB, APAT, Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Fieldbus International, Heinrichs Messtechnik, Honeywell, Invensys, Leoni, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell, R. Stahl, Siemens, Softing, Yokogawa and many more.The Field Communication Lounge exhibit will also be used at this year’s ACHEMA 2012, 18-22 June 2012, Frankfurt, Germany, located on Mezzanine Level 11 via B29.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee and its activities visit the Fieldbus Foundation’s website, or email More information about the Field Communication Lounge and the presentation schedule can be found at