Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honeywell Wins Contract to Automate Offshore Gas Platforms in Vietnam with FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Honeywell Process Solutions has won an agreement with PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) and the Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company (BDPOC) to automate their central processing platform with an Experion PKS process automation system with FOUNDATION Fieldbus capability.  PetroVietnam will also install a Honeywell Safety Manager system.  The company expects considerable maintenance cost savings. 

Honeywell Process Solutions Wins Contract with PetroVietnam Technical Serivces and Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company for Experion PKS, Safety Manager, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Excellent Presentation From Shell on Asset Management and Fieldbus

Here is an excellent presentation from Shell that I came across while doing some Googling for asset management and Fieldbus.  It appears to be a few years old, but what I like about it is the detailed descriptions of just how much time is wasted during traditional maintenance activities.  The crisis in maintenance has been well documented by people like my friend Joel Leonard over at SkillTV.  FOUNDATION Technology can help address this crisis and provide a vehicle for true operational excellence in an environment of constrained resources. 

FFSAMC Participation in CONTROL Roadshows Continues For Third Year

Following the successful participation by the Fieldbus Foundation South Africa Marketing Committee (FFSAMC) in both the 2009 and 2010 series of CONTROL roadshows across South Africa, the committee has announced its continued participation throughout the 2011 series. These dedicated control measurement and instrumentation exhibitions focus broadly around 'automation in industry' and will be held at the following locations during 2011.

July 21: Sasol Club, Secunda
August 18: ETC Training Centre, Port Elizabeth
October 20: Quest Conference Centre, Vanderbilpark

The exhibitions are open from 11.00am - 17.00pm with free entry.
For more information email Debbie Scott ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0861 776 237
Click here to visit the What's New In Processing website for more information and to register.

New Series of Emerson Fieldbus Installations Added to our Web Site

We recently added three new fieldbus sucess stories to the "Installations" section of our web site.  Some of these date back to 2008, but they are interesting for several reasons.  First, all of these installations are in China, which is a leading adopter of FOUNDATION Technology.  The industries and applications are also unique, and the savings realized are considerable. 

First is a SynGas Project with SES (ZaoZhuang) New Gas.  This is a coal gasification facility that produces 20,000 Normal cubic meters of natural gas an hour.  SES has also deployed control in the field. 

Changxing Glass is using FOUNDATION Fieldbus on one of their large production lines.  Changxing realized a 50 percent reduction in labor for startup, 15 percent reduction in field devices, and 60 percent savings in cable installation. 

Guixi Copper Smelting has a production capacity of  700,000 tons per year annum of copper cathode and sulfuric acid.  They are using FOUNDATION Technology on this sizable operation to improve reliability, product quality, and throughput.  Guixi Copper realized a 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs and startup times. 

Video Invitation to our End User Seminars in North America

Our marketing specialist Talon Petty has created an official video invitation at our YouTube channel for our end user seminars to be held in North America throughout 2011.  Seminar registration, locations, dates and more are listed at the end.  Check it out and we look forward to seeing you at our next seminar!

Official Video Invitation to North America End User Seminars

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interesting Interview of India Process Automation Pioneer P Mahajan

P Mahajan is one of the leading process automation professionals in India and provided the keynote address at our Mumbai General Assembly back in March.  Mr. Mahajan is technical director for Engineers India Limited (EIL), and is basically one of the fathers of process automation in India, introducing the concepts of electronic instrumentation and intrinsically safe systems in electrically hazardous plants to India in 1974.  This is a very good interview from A&D India of P Majahan by Soumi Mitra on some of the key automation trends in India, including fieldbus. 

Soumi Mitra Interviews P Mahajan on Process Automation Trends in India

Castrol Installs FOUNDATION Fieldbus on Tank Farm, Achieves 2 Day Startup

We at the Fieldbus Foundation consistently point out the reduced commissioning costs, engineering costs, and startup times you can achieve with FOUNDATION technology, and it's nice to see the results being reported in the real world.  Emerson Process Management recently posted this success story from Castrol NV in Antwerp, Belgium, where Castrol installed a DeltaV process automation system with FOUNDATION instruments.  Castrol reported a 60 percent reduction in commissioning time.  Because of the advanced diagnostics capabilities of the fieldbus devices, Castrol was able to reduce the overall number of field devices at each metering station.  Many tank farms today are faced with legacy control system issues, and still more are not very highly automated, or employ some combination of manual and automated approaches.  FOUNDATION Technology makes an excellent solution for these applications. 

DeltaV System, FOUNDATION Fieldbus Meets Product Measurement, Movement Challenges for Castrol NV Belgium

Friday, July 1, 2011

New YouTube Video Shows Device Commissioning

There is a new YouTube video posted to the Fieldbus Foundation channel that shows Amit Ajmeri of Yokogawa doing device commissioning.  It's a very good synopsis of the device commissioning process, including downloading the latest DD file from the Foundation web site.  The video was taken at our last end user seminar in Carson, California and also shows Yokogawa team member Ray Azizian. 

Amit Ajmeri Demonstrates FOUNDATION Fieldbus Device Commissioning