Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Series of Emerson Fieldbus Installations Added to our Web Site

We recently added three new fieldbus sucess stories to the "Installations" section of our web site.  Some of these date back to 2008, but they are interesting for several reasons.  First, all of these installations are in China, which is a leading adopter of FOUNDATION Technology.  The industries and applications are also unique, and the savings realized are considerable. 

First is a SynGas Project with SES (ZaoZhuang) New Gas.  This is a coal gasification facility that produces 20,000 Normal cubic meters of natural gas an hour.  SES has also deployed control in the field. 

Changxing Glass is using FOUNDATION Fieldbus on one of their large production lines.  Changxing realized a 50 percent reduction in labor for startup, 15 percent reduction in field devices, and 60 percent savings in cable installation. 

Guixi Copper Smelting has a production capacity of  700,000 tons per year annum of copper cathode and sulfuric acid.  They are using FOUNDATION Technology on this sizable operation to improve reliability, product quality, and throughput.  Guixi Copper realized a 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs and startup times. 

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