Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Webcast on Designing Your First Fieldbus Installation Now Archived Online

Our first webcast with Control Engineering on designing your first fieldbus installation is now archived and available for download here.  (You have to register first, but it's fairly painless.)  The design phase has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the fieldbus installation throughout its lifecycle, where the real cost benefits of the technology are achieved.  Many first timers can fall into the trap of thinking about things in terms of 4-20 mA technology, and just because you have an engineering partner that may have done fieldbus installations in the past is no guarantee of success.  Check out our webcast for tips on how to avoid these and other common mistakes and get the most out of your fieldbus installation. 

Next month Mike Miller from Duke Energy and yours truly will have another webcast on implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus in a modernization or migration scenario.  Many end users are incorporating FOUNDATION technology into their modernization strategies.  We will post details as they become available. 

Control Engineering Webcast: Designing Your First Fieldbus Installation

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