Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interview with Walt Boyes of Control about Project Gemstone

If you look back over the past couple of years it seems clear that FOUNDATION fieldbus is entering a new era.  Many efforts are underway that are improving our technology to make it easier for end users to deploy and utilize FOUNDATION fieldbus in new and existing plants.  Recent updates to our Interoperability Test Kit (ITK), for example, are making it easier to replace devices.  Our new Host Profile registration process provides a greater level of interoperability between devices and different supplier hosts.  FOUNDATION for ROM gives users the ability to manage information from devices on different wired and wireless networks in a single infrastructure.

At the same time, many of our "power" users who have had fieldbus installed for a long time now are providing us with valuable insights into how we can continue to improve the technology.  Our goal at Fieldbus Foundation is to make fieldbus the easiest to use and most effective technology in the world of process automation.

It only makes sense then, that we should have a continuous improvement project that takes a holistic view of many of the things we are already doing, such as FOUNDATION for ROM, FDI, ISA108, ongoing revisions to our ITK, and ongoing efforts to improve the usability experience with FOUNDATION fieldbus, which we are collectively calling Project Gemstone.

You can read more about Project Gemstone in this interview I had with Walt Boyes of Control magazine.  

Fieldbus Foundation Project Gemstone Designed to Aid End Users

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