Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Korean Supplier YoungTech Partners with Softing for new Fieldbus Positioner

We always like to highlight the capabilities of our Development Services Providers (DSP) at the Fieldbus Foundation. The DSP program is a resource for all companies wishing to design, develop, manufacture or sell FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. A Foundation DSP is a company or individual who has met the Fieldbus Foundation’s standards for tools, training and experience to provide services for the development and registration of Foundation products that can drastically reduce your development costs if you are a new supplier entering the fieldbus market.

One recent success story involves our DSP partner Softing and leading Korean valve positioner supplier YoungTech.  A recent case study published by Softing shows how YoungTech worked with Softing to help introduce a FOUNDATION fieldbus digital positioner to the Korean marketplace quickly and with significantly reduced development costs.

From the case study:
"Having already undergone FOUNDATION fieldbus Physical Layer Conformance testing, Softing was able to offer a communication module with a pre-certified platform, saving YTC even more time and expense. The only outstanding test to be run was for FOUNDATION fieldbus interoperability. Once completed, the YT-2500 became the first positioner certified according to the FOUNDATION fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block Specification."
 Softing partners with YTC to launch Korea’s first-ever FOUNDATION fieldbus field device

Fieldbus Foundation Development Services Provider Program

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