Thursday, August 15, 2013

Come to our End User and Sales Force Training Seminars in Chicago!

Our Chicago end user and sales force training seminars are right around the corner.  We will be hosting our end user seminar on September 18th at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare hotel, and our sales force training seminar will occur on Thursday September 19th at the same venue.  You can access complete agendas and registration information here.

End User Seminars

Our end user seminars are geared toward taking the mystery out of FOUNDATION fieldbus and making end users and systems integrators realize the true lifecycle benefits of the technology. Whether you are a new user contemplating your first fieldbus project, an experienced user trying to get the most out of your installation, or a systems integrator that wants to implement fieldbus successfully, these seminars are designed for you. The best part is that through the support of our many sponsors, we are able to hold these seminars at no charge.

In addition to live demonstrations, you will also hear from some of the best and most advanced trainers, end users, and experts in the world of fieldbus. Dave Lancaster has helped implement countless FOUNDATION fieldbus projects around the world, and is also one of our certified instructors at Trine University in Indianapolis. John Rezabek of Ashland Chemical is Chairman of our End User Advisory Council and has years of experience using FOUNDATION fieldbus on a day-to-day basis. We often also call upon Herman Storey who is now an independent consultant after retiring from Shell Global Solutions recently. Herman is extremely knowledgeable and intimately familiar with the Fieldbus Foundation and its processes while approaching everything from his end user perspective.

This year, we are making our sessions more interactive than ever. Come and see how getting the real lifecycle cost savings of FOUNDATION fieldbus is easier than you thought, and learn about how “in a world of choices, FOUNDATION brings it all together.”

Sales Force Training Seminars

Intended to provide a greater understanding of the operational improvements and business benefits delivered by the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure, the sales training seminars will be presented by leading experts in fieldbus technology. The seminar content is designed to be vendor-neutral, addressing key topics of interest for salespeople involved with control and instrumentation products. In particular, the seminars aim to dispel myths about FOUNDATION technology and provide hard facts and data salespeople can rely upon.

These sales force training seminars are also free of charge and every attendee leaves with the FOUNDATION fieldbus sales force playbook.

Chicago End User Seminar on September 18th, O'Hare Airport Marriott

Chicago Sales Force training Seminar September 19th, O'Hare Airport Marriott

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